Ready to Wander the World

My soul is ready for new experiences. I’m ready for new people and places. I’m ready to see things from new perspectives; to laugh; to fall in love with new things. I’m restless. I need my feet to reach new ground and my mind to expand with new ideas.

If there is one thing I want to teach my children is that life is much more than things. Life is about the people we meet and the experiences we have; the lessons they teach us, and the love we share along the way.  Life is much too short to stay in the same place, always doing things the same ways, allowing yourself to grow stagnant. Experiences help us learn and grow. They help us evolve.

I’m incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful experiences and people I am able to interact with on a daily basis. My life is such I can wander around the country and world doing what I love. Life is very good indeed.

The wanderlust is strong, my friends. I must listen and follow my dreams and my heart.



There is no exhaustion quite like that which accompanies the end of the school year. The simplest tasks seem daunting. Things we’ve done week after week are suddenly foreign and forgotten. Write a paragraph with 5 sentences? Calculate how much change we get back from a purchase? Fill out my time card? Ten more days of this.

Everyone is just blah. Me, my boys, the kids and teachers at school. Everyone. I’d much rather be outside in the garden or reading a book on the porch. Kids would rather be outside playing. It looks and feels like summer. We all want it to be summer. Like yesterday.

Until then, I’ll keep plastering a smile on my face and telling myself I’m stronger than I think I am. We will keep writing complete sentences, counting money, and celebrating successes, even when it feels like those familiar tasks are botched. I’ll keep afloat so everyone else can too.