I’m So Excited!!

It’s like Christmas all over again! I just got off the call with corporate and I’m SO Excited!
What would you say to having the most extensive health and fitness tools at your fingertips 24 hours a day 365 days a year? What if you could have access to some of the best trainers & fitness programs in the business, like P90X, Tai Cheng, PiYo, Insanity, & 21 Day Fix, PLUS all of the new programs like Core de Force, Cize, & Country Heat?
What if you knew your nutrition would be in check with your daily dose of dense nutrition, meal plans, and portion fix containers? All of this would go along with a great support group you check in with online.
What if you could have all of this for less than a monthly gym membership and still get in the best shape of your life?
What would you say? Reply “YES” in the comments below if you would like more information about this amazing deal!

Monday Motivation- 3 Week Yoga Challenge


I’m not gonna lie- I haven’t been the most positive person lately. It’s been a series of weeks in that it feels like the world is after me. I don’t like that feeling. It’s not one I entertain but it has definitely been creeping into my thoughts as of late. So much so I have spent quite a bit of time reflecting on how I could have acted differently to keep such negativity from seeping in and affecting myself and others.

One step for me is actually LESS coffee. I’m good with my 2 cups in the morning before I leave for work. Anything more than that, or coffee at work is a BIG NO.

Step 2 is to keep my food whole, unprocessed, and as true to the Whole 30 as I can. I am absolutely floored at the negative psychological affect certain foods have.

Step 3: More Yoga! I have found the days I add some yoga or PiYo to my routine I am so much more focused and together. Will you join me for some daily yoga? There are 2 ways you can do this. Come to my daily workout in my classroom after school (those of you who work with me), be a basketball player (this has been an awesome experience for the team and myself), or use your Beachbody On Demand account to follow the 3 Week Yoga Challenge video series. You can find it HERE. Did you know Beachbody On Demand is absolutely free the first 30 days? This give you access to thousands of dollars of free workouts at all fitness levels each month. No buying DVD’s. All you need is a smart TV, a streaming service, or a laptop and you’re ready to go.

Check my Instagram later today for some pose breakdowns and join me for a less stressful December.