A Case of the Monday’s

“Be giving, forgiving, compassionate and loving.”

That was the quote on my tea tag today. Talk about a reframing moment! Sometimes you have to stop, take a deep breath, and remember to have some empathy. Right, wrong, or indifferent, if your day isn’t going well because of the behavior of others, chances are they are having a worse day.

Do you believe in the effects of a full moon? I strongly believe in the power of the moon, changing weather systems/pressure, and time change on behavior. I just read something regarding this week’s full moon being a doozy. Regardless how you feel about the full moon and how much it affects people, it’s never a bad thing to take a step back and reevaluate your feelings and reactions to situations. Remember that your bad day may be someone’s pretty ok day. You never know someone else’s place in the journey.

Where Are You? Where Have You Been?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Or does it make one forget about things? Out of sight, out of mind. Well, I am here and I am well. It’s been a journey- one that has been all over the board of places, emotions, experiences, and responses.

Here’s a brief recap:  Coach left education and took a job in the private sector. This has been one of the single most positive decisions for him and our family; Another trip to Italy, including an incredible few days in Rome which included some wonderful visits with dear friends; We had to put our sweet pup to sleep, easily the most heartbreaking experience of my life; July was spent on the road 23 straight days with my oldest son & two of his best friends, running events on each coast and states in between; The youngest child got his driver’s permit and is now my personal chauffeur; Celebrated 20 years of marriage in NYC with some of our dearest friends; Took a kid to college 5 hours from home. Leaving him was heartbreaking and incredibly exciting at the same time.

I don’t list these things as a way to boast, brag, gain sympathy, or make excuses for my absence. In fact, it’s part of my theme for today’s post. The last  year and a half has been one of self loathing, anger, acceptance, discovery, and healing. It’s been the “study of one” and is on-going. There is no end to improving self and our relationships. Self care has taken on new importance. Therapy has helped, as does massage, yoga, and meditation. Good food continues to be a constant- not just as a comfort, but as a healing tool. It’s incredible how much food & inflammation from our foods affects not only our physical health, but our emotional and physiological health. Don’t believe me? Cut out all sugar and processed foods for a week and then eat a piece of candy and tell me how you feel in the 15 minutes immediately following. It’s mind blowing.

Writings have begun light and cheerful, masking the true feelings under the surface. The venom seeps into the fabric through the ink of the pen. So rather than posting for all to see, I have continued to write, to heal, through hand-written journaling until I could quiet my critical voice. Growth is never over. There are things yet to be dealt with and discovered. So many things still sit under the surface not quite ready to be unearthed just yet. They will. When the time is right.

So I throw out the question to all of you- Where are you? Where have you been?